Challenging your body and mind through bodyweight exercise, mobility, and functional movement.



We’re huge advocates of working out anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, new mom, or don’t have access to a gym, you should still be able to move and train. We give you the tools and inspiration so you can make that happen.


What people are saying…

“I’ve always loved to exercise, but I’ve never been a big fan of going to the gym. So when I found out about Kim’s outdoor group fitness classes in Medellin, I was excited to check it out. Needless to say, I was hooked after one class. I love her HIIT routines. She keeps it fresh with a variety of exercises that work your whole body and definitely pushes you with a dose of high intensity cardio. Her coaching style is encouraging and motivating with just the right amount of tough. I highly recommend her and FRDM Athletics!” - Caroline Fields

"One of the things I love about Kim’s class is that she takes a personalized approach to every client - she has modifications to make certain exercises easier or harder so that no matter what level you’re at, the class will be challenging for you without being intimidating. I was lucky enough to take Kim’s class for a little over a month, and can see the progress every day in the way my clothes are fitting and even noticing how I can now climb up a hill without getting out of breath."   - Alexandra Nemeth

"I love working out with Kim! Her workouts kick my butt but she's also a nice, cool person."    - Stephanie Linder

"Kim provided a challenging but manageable HIIT routine. I loved how she was so encouraging throughout and watched to make sure you had the correct form. The 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest format was perfect for me. I highly recommend trying FRDM Athletics."    - Gwendolyn DeSilva